Thursday, July 12, 2012

BOGO is back!!!

So if you look around, we're deep in the heart of the Summer Sales (One of my favorite times of year!) Everywhere you look, stores have super deep discounts on their summer merchandise. On the one hand, it's great to be able to get summer clothes for cheap while you can still wear them. On the other, it means that we're one step closer back toward the Fall/Winter Seasons. *Sheds a tear*

One of my favorite sales BY FAR this year is being held at Forever 21+. They have a selection of sale items that are...drumroll please...Buy One, Get One FREE!! Most clothing stores offer buy one get one at a discount percentage at best. I had to do a double take and then double check with a store associate to be sure because I just couldn't believe it, but my eyes were not deceiving me. Buy One, Get One Free!!! I got mine in store, but the sale is also being offered online. Here's my haul: I got a pencil skirt (the only thing I bought that wasn't a part of the sale, but was still a steal at just $10!), a sundress, four t-shirts and a sweater for just $60! Score one for me!

Here's a few of the items that I picked up

Happy Shopping!!!

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