Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Devil's in the Details



Hello, my name is JuJu and I'm addicted to accessories! I think it all goes back to when I was younger and had a tough time finding fashionable and trendy clothes as a teenage plus size princess. Because it was so hard to find clothes that I liked, I turned to simple outfits and dressing them up with different accessories. I actually got to the point where I liked accessories more than clothes!

As a lover of fashion I know that in the same way the wrong pair of shoes or the wrong bag can destroy a look, the right accessories can take it to a whole other level! Take this dress for example. In the before picture, it's a boxy, shapeless, unflattering mess. But with a belt added to cinch the waist, a long statement necklace and a pair of hoops, it easily goes from drab to fab! It's just a few simple changes, but it makes all the difference.

Ladies, never underestimate the power of your accessories. They're not just an afterthought that you toss on at the end, they can be a statement making part of your look. In one of my favorite movies, the women call their accessories "frosting". To quote them, "Ladies, Frost yourselves!!!"

xoxo ~JuJu

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Style Lookbook - 7/29/12

Normally, I'm not one to mix odd colors together. I'll add an accent color to black & white or pair a bright color with a neutral but I've always been a little wary of unusual color combos. Lately though, I've been trying to mix things up and go for the unexpected and I'm finding that I really like the freshness of combinations that wouldn't ordinarily be paired together.

Today is my mother's birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!!!) and it's a beautiful bright and sunny day so in honor of the sunshine and happiness of the day, I decided to wear super bright yellow. Initially I was going to wear leopard print accessories but decided at the last minute to pair it with turquoise instead and I have to say I LOVE the results! It was a risk adding another pop of color to one that already pops so much on it's own but I love it!. I'll definitely be trying some other combos from here on out!

Here's the outfit details: Dress - Forever 21+, Belt - Target, Shoes - Shoedazzle.com, Earrings - BeBe, Sunglasses - Oscar DeLaRenta, Watch - NY&Co, Bag - Thrifted

What are some of your favorite non-traditional color combos?

Friday, July 27, 2012

50 Shades of Red

Okay, so I know that we're still deep in the heart of summer which means that we're still in lip gloss season, but with all of the magazines shifting their focus to fall, I'm looking ahead just a bit to my second favorite time of year and I've set out in search of the perfect shade of red lipstick which is definitely at the top of my fall must-have list!

It can be a hugely daunting task to find that just-right shade of red. It can be like the proverbial needle in a haystack. Some are too warm, some are too cool, some have too much orange, others too much blue. It can get really overwhelming to just look at a package and decide what's going to work for you, which is why I love stores like Sephora and Ulta so much. The one advantage that you have shopping at a department store for makeup versus the drugstore is that you get to try before you buy which means you really get the chance to see how things actually look on you and find a shade that's perfect for you.

My previous favorite shade of red (which also happened to be Dior), was discontinued so naturally I went back to Dior first and it was definitely a massive case of love at first sight. The color is perfect, it feels amazing on and it's super moisturizing. It's everything I was looking for. If I could buy this color by the case I would! I think next up in my search is a hot pink/fuschia and then onto plum. What do you think?

Rouge Dior Lipcolor - Color Red Ara 999



Monday, July 23, 2012

My Proactiv Journey - Day 1

Let me preface this post by saying that I normally would never post a bare-faced pic, but I can't really share my journey with you without photographic evidence so please don't judge me too harshly.


As you can see, I have the very definition of what they call problem skin. It's super oily which tends to lead to acne, which in turn leads to hyperpigmentation aka dark marks from acne scarring. As a teenager, I had perfect combination skin. Never broke out, invisible pores, not a mark in sight. Oh how I miss those days! I hit my mid twenties and all of a sudden I got hit with all of these issues and because I never had to deal with them before, I had no clue what to do. For years I just stuck with Cetaphil because it was working pretty well, but lately even that's not working.

I, like everyone else have watched commercial after commercial advertising Proactiv and have always been more than a little skeptical. I never believe celebrities advertising products because I don't believe they actually use them. Add that to the fact that the personal reviews I've heard have been mixed and you can understand why, despite my problematic skin I've shied away from trying it. But, as I said before I'm desperate so here goes.

Today is Day 1 of my journey. I've picked up the full arsenal of Proactiv products: The 3-Step Cleanse, Tone & Repair kit to get rid of my acne and prevent any new breakouts and the Dark Spot Corrector to get rid of the spots I already have. Join me on my journey and keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed for me that it works. Here's hoping!

Have you tried Proactiv yet? What have your results been?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Hint of Mint

As a rule, I'm not really much of a fan of pastels. They look amazing on other people, but on me they usually look a bit chalky and "I just ran out of lotion" ashy. A belt or pair of earrings is about as far as I would normally go, which is why I haven't reported on the Mint Green Trend even though it's been absolutely everywhere all summer. But it's my duty to report the trends, even the ones I'm iffy about so I figure it's about time.

I have to admit, some of the options out there are pretty amazing. So much so that I'm actually considering giving it a try. Mint Green is such a fresh and pretty color and it could actually make a pretty surprising neutral since it would pair well with most other colors and prints. Picture it paired with purple or a pretty floral print or my favorite: leopard!

Speaking of leopard, my personal favorite is this dress that would look amazing with a leopard print belt and shoes! I'm thinking this may be my starter piece to test the waters.

ASOS Curve Skater Dress With Twist Neck

Evans Mint Green Straight Leg Jeans

And no outfit is complete without the finishing touches!

Women's Andie Wedge Pump

All jewelry available at www.forever21.com

OPI Pirates of the Carribean On Stranger Tides Line in Mermaid's Tears

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bling, Bling

I've been feeling a little down lately so I figured a quick DIY manicure would be the perfect little pick-me-up.

On a trip to a local drugstore, I found these little mini bottles of polish by Wet 'n' Wild for only $.99! I initially figured I could use it as a sparkly topcoat to punch up another color, but the color was so great I decided to wear it on its own!This color is called "Born Into Privilege" from the Coloricon line and it's number 3382. I think I'm going to go back and grab the other colors. At just $.99 each, there's really no excuse not to. I know that some people would say that the polish has enough sparkle itself without jewelry, but who am I kidding? I've never been able to get enough sparkle! It's beyond lame to use the expression Bling Bling in 2012, but there's really no other way to describe it. I'm in love...

What do you think?

Ring - Purchased at Macy's

Beauty and the Beach

So my latest mission, for obvious reasons (Hello 99 degrees on Tuesday) is to find a sexy swimsuit cover-up for those days spent lounging poolside or at the beach. I love being near the water any chance I get and I'm confident but I'm just not a walk around in my swimsuit kinda girl. Plus I think the right cover-up can turn your average day at the beach into a chance to show off at your most jet-setting glamorous.

As a fluffy girl, shopping for just the right cover up can be really difficult sometimes because a lot of the options out there for plus-size girls look more like ill-fitting frumpy dresses than the sexy floaty version that a lot of us are looking for. The cover up that I'm wearing is more of a sporty version which was great for a day at the water park but I have to say, isn't really me. So I set out to find one that's more reflective of the diva that I am.

These cover ups that I found below are definitely more me. They're sexy, eye catching and they look like an intentional part of the outfit instead of just something you threw on to cover yourself up. Like I've said before, I'm a sucker for anything with a print or lots of color and any of these will easily make you that glamorous girl that everyone will be admiring. Make the waterfront your runway!

J Valdi Plus Size Cover Up, Flutter Sleeve Printed Tunic



Multi Print Cover Up Tunic by La Redoute



Belted Zebra Caftan Cover Up



What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Celebrity Inspiration - Kim K

I can't lie, I'm kinda obsessed with all things Kardashian. I LOVE their style, I love their message of self-love and body acceptance regardless of body type and I have to say that I'm addicted to their shows...All of them...they're definitely one of my guilty pleasures

You'd have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the biggest news to come from the Kardashian Clan as of late: the coupling up of Kim & outspoken Rapper/Producer/Fashion Designer Kanye West, also known as the latest celebrity moniker - Kimye.

There's been a lot of speculation about Kim's changing wardrobe that has seen a pretty dramatic shift from Sexy & Trendy to Super Chic & Fashion Forward since Mr. West entered the building. She's shifted from lots of color, flash and body hugging fabrics to neutral colors, ladylike details & sophisticated silhouettes and a lot of that has been attributed to Kanye, who debuted his fashion line at Paris Fashion Week last fall.



On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim is seen asking for Kanye's advice on everything from her shoes to her clutch to her cuff. Kim has always looked amazing anyway, but if it was even possible, she's become even more of a fashion media darling since hooking up with Kanye so apparently his advice is worth following. I don't know that I would follow my boyfriend's advice so closely but then again, I don't have a boyfriend who's a bonafide fashion designer!

One of the things that I love and respect the most about Kim's style is that she knows what works for her body, plays up her sexy and does not apologize for those famous curves. The woman who follows Kim's style is one who knows that she's sexy and wants the world to know it too!

This dress reminds me of the one Kim is wearing in the picture of her and Kanye together

Double Agent Strap Peplum Dress



Available in sizes 1X - 3X

Which Kim do you prefer? Before or After Kanye?

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