Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beauty Beat - Lip Service

Hello Lovelies! I'm not much into winter fashion but I'm a beauty girl 365 days a year so I figure I can at least write a beauty post about one of my absolute favorite products. I love eye shadow and I covet a great mascara as much as the next girl, but very few things have the transformative power of the perfect shade of lipstick. In the warmer months, I'm more of a lip gloss girl but one thing I appreciate about the winter is that you can break out the rich chocolate browns and the vampy wines, plums and berries that can catapult your look from average girl to thirties screen siren in a matter of moments! And for those of you for whom the dark look is just a bit too much, you still have the options of a pretty pink or sexy red to give your kisser that extra oomph.

Here's the product deets for what I'm wearing from left to right: Rouge Dior #999 - Ara Red, Rouge Dior #766 - Fuschia Star, M.A.C. Satin - Photo and M.A.C. Satin - Rebel (Looks good on most everyone. Trust me on this one, it has a cult following!)

There's just something that feels inherently grown up about wearing lipstick instead of lip gloss. The right lip gloss says "I'm a pretty girl" but the right lipstick says "I'm a beautiful woman"!

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