Monday, December 7, 2015

Blogmas # 3-6 | Winterlicious Tag

So that didn't take long did it? I commit to doing a daily blog post and then skip out on Days 3-6! I'm so sorry guys. Life happens sometimes. It was just a crazy few days for me and I just couldn't fit it in; as much as I wanted to. But I'm jumping right back in where I left off with a fun tag post to get back in the holiday spirit! This is called the Winterlicious Tag and it's just a few of my favorite things for the holiday season.

1. Favorite Holiday Nail Polish

So this one is a toss up. Both of my choices are from Zoya's pixie dust line. For me the holidays equal sparkle and these polishes are both matte glitter formulas that are equally gorgeous. Your nails literally sparkle like ornaments! You just have to make the difficult choice between Silver(Tomoko) and Gold (Solange)!

2. Favorite Holiday Lip Product

My absolute favorite lip for the winter is the knockout combo of MAC's Ruby Woo with MAC's Pro Longwear Lip Liner in Cherry. Together they create that classic, iconic red lip that's uber sexy and perfect with any glam holiday look! A very close second and more affordable option is this Milani Liquid Lipstick in the color Romance which is about half the price of a MAC lipstick, comfortable on the lips and unlike Ruby Woo; won't budge once it dries down which makes it perfect for a holiday evening out where the food and drinks are flowing!

3. Most Worn Winter Clothing Piece

The one good thing about moving to Florida is that I can wear my favorite Leather jacket all the way through to the spring. At home it only worked for the Fall. Thank goodness for warm weather!

4. Most Worn Winter Accessory

I'm a sucker for a good infinity scarf. A super quick and easy way to add punch to any outfit!

5. Favorite Winter Scent/Candle

Definitely Marshmallow Fireside by Bath & Body Works or anything Apple Pie scented; not apples & cinnamon, apple pie. There's a definite difference for some reason.

6. Favorite Winter Beverage

In the mornings and afternoons, definitely Starbucks' Caramel Brulee. I just have a thing about dessert flavored espresso! In the evenings, Evan Williams Original Southern Eggnog is my absolute favorite. To me, nothing says Christmas like a glass of eggnog. Especially one with a kick!

7. All Time Favorite Christmas Movie

I seriously love them all from Charlie Brown to Rudolph and every cheesy Hallmark Holiday movie in between but the one that I can never pass up even though I've seen it a gazillion times is Home Alone. The story of Kevin McAllister vs. The Wet Bandits gets me every time!

8. Favorite Christmas/Holiday Song

Definitely "8 Days of Christmas" by Destiny's Child. It's always the first song I listen to to kick off my holiday season and it's the one that puts me the most into the Christmas spirit!

9. Favorite Holiday Food/Treat

My mom has been buying baklava every Christmas for as long as I can remember so it's definitely something that I look forward to that reminds me of Christmas. Plus it's super yummy!

10. Favorite Christmas decoration this year

My sparkly nutcracker guy is new to my decorations this year and he's definitely my favorite. He's gaudy, he's glittery and he's all mine!

11. Top of your Christmas list

Ooh, such a hard question! I want the world, can I just say everything? I guess if you're going to make me choose, I would say that what I would really want is either a bottle of YSL Black Opium Perfume or the Urban Decay Limited Edition Vice 4 palette. Santa if you're listening...

12. Plans for the holidays

It's my Maddie's very first Christmas so of course we're getting Fisher Price wasted! Plus we're going to spend the holiday together as a family with my mom and my brother so I'm super duper excited for this year!

So what are some of your favorite things for the holiday season? I would love to see you guys' answers to these questions so I tag each one of you to complete you answers and leave your webpage in the comments below or tweet me to let me know where to find yours!

Until next time, XOXO ~ JuJu

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