Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blogmas #2 | Ol' Blue Eyes

Hurray! Holiday party season is here and in full effect!!! We already established that I love this time of year for several reasons, but one that we didn't talk about is the fact that holiday parties are the perfect excuse to get fancy and try out new glamorous makeup looks that might feel like a little too much during the rest of the year.

Now I have to say, for a very long time you couldn't pay me to go near blue eye shadow. It conjured up images full of teased and permed 80's hair and bad Barbie makeup but recently I discovered that the problem wasn't necessarily the color; you just have to find the right shade for your complexion and undertones. The shades that I used were a combo of a midnight blue and a teal and I absolutely LOVE the way it came out! Lord knows if I had picked a bright pastel blue, you would've never seen my face on here. I'll at least tell you that...

So for your next holiday event, sure you could go for a tried and true black and grey smoky eye or a basic eye with a bright lip, but why not live on the edge and try something different for a change? If the idea of the blue makes you nervous why not ease your way in with a midnight blue liner instead of your normal black or brown, or maybe just a pop of color on your lower lash line. Or if you're really ready for a walk on the wild side, dive right in and go for full on color! Just remember to take it easy on the rest of your look so that your beautiful eyes can be the focus.

The look that I'm wearing was created using the top two blue shades in this Limited Edition eye shadow palette but you can use any shadow as long as the shade is right. When done wrong, blue eye shadow can be a disaster but done properly, there's no better cure for the winter blues. (Cheesy pun intended!)

Until Next Time ~ XOXO JuJu

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