Monday, September 10, 2012

My Proactiv Journey - Day 30

Hey dolls! Sorry I've been MIA for a little while but I've been super busy! I was house sitting for my mom while she was on vacay so i just haven't had a chance to really sit down at the computer to write anything. Between taking care of two households, three animals and holding down two jobs, this girl is more than a little exhausted. I get tired again just thinking about it! But please forgive me, I'm back for good!

I've been asked about the conclusion of my Proactiv Journey so I figured I'd start there. Here's my pic on Day 30.

So the big question is, is it worth the money? I can definitely see a big difference in my overall skin tone and clarity and there is an obvious improvement with acne but it definitely isn't the miracle product they claim it is.

The biggest pro of all for me is that it works. Like I said, there's an obvious overall difference as far as the acne goes, but it hardly got rid of everything. I still have awful breakouts in areas that the Proactiv just did nothing for that I actually never got before I started using it.

My first and biggest con is that they don't give you nearly enough product. The trial size supply that they give you is a trio set with 2 oz. each bottles of the Cleanser and Toner (Steps 1 & 2) and a 1 oz bottle of the repairing treatment (Step 3) which are intended to last for 30 days. I don't know if I just use too much product but washing my face twice a day, 2 oz only lasted me two weeks. Then they ship you a trio set with 6 oz. each of the cleanser and toner and 3 oz of the treatment which made me a little happier but then I discovered that set was intended to last for thee months. Again, it is slated to last more along the lines of six weeks than three months and then you're stuck for six weeks with no product as they only ship once every three months. My normal bottle of Cetaphil is 8 oz, and even that only normally lasts for two months.

Overall, it works pretty well while you're using it, but I wouldn't say that it works any better than Cetaphil, which you can buy at any drugstore for around $8.00. Also just as an end note, I was warned before I started using it that Proactiv is great while you're using it, but once you stop you're skin goes right back to the way it was. For me, my skin got much, much worse after I stopped using it. It was actually worse than it's ever been. I feel like I'm stuck with the Proactiv now. My last and final word of advice is don't use it, unless you're prepared to use it forever. Again, I'm sure this isn't true of everyone's experience, but it certainly proved true in mine.

Here's my final side by side comparison beginning with Day 1 on the left and ending with Day 30 on the bottom.


  1. wow...I can see the difference and Love your hair color!!! amazing:)

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