Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lovely in Lace

I am SOOOOOO in love with lace! I think that it's my favorite of all the trends right now. It's super girly, always pretty and worn the right way it can be timeless. There are very few fabrics with the versatility that lace has. But, with that being said, one step in the wrong direction and you look like a walking version of grandma's old doilies.

You have to be careful with the details. Lace has the potential to be a showstopper but if you're not careful it can sometimes read as dowdy or matronly. My favorite way to freshen it up and modernize it is in a different color (like my dress)or with an unexpected fabric like the knit blazer below. Whether you decide to go full on or add just a touch, I definitely recommend adding a little lace into your wardrobe for the Fall season.

Super Sexy and Super Feminine at the same time!!!

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Peplum Dress in Lace


I love the lace trim detail on this blazer! And it's a nice neutral color that will go with absolutely everything!

Lace Ruffle Knit Blazer


And a girl can never have enough scarves!

Lace Print Scarf


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  1. Girly that plum lace is on point for fall


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