Friday, February 10, 2017

From Blush & Bronzer to Diapers & Daycare....

Hey beauties....

Where to start...Where to start...I remember when I first got this blog started 7 years ago (Seriously... has it really been that long???!!!) my entire life was different. I was living the single and carefree life in New York City and the majority of my life centered around plus-size fashion (Meaning shopping of course), finding new fun things to do and hanging out with my friends. I started this blog because I had just lost a bunch of weight, was shopping to replace my entire wardrobe and was having so much fun doing it that I wanted to share my journey with other people and since I've always loved to write I figured this was a great way to do that. 
Oh how the times have changed...

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Fast forward to today and now I'm mom to the most incredible two year old toddler, living in Florida and instead of comparing the latest Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector to the newest MAC MSF and shopping for new clothes; I'm comparing Pampers to Huggies and shopping for daycare centers.
My entire world is different!

A part of me has missed my old life and getting back into blogging is going to be my attempt to get a part of it back. So I'm going to get back to posting about fashion and beauty but I can't ignore the biggest part of my life so I may throw in a #MomLife post here and there too. Don't hate me for it! I've picked up a few hobbies here and there so you might also find some recipes and home d├ęcor

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